Our Story


Lauren and Kelly met in 2016 when their eldest children were in the same class.

It wasn't long before school-mom 'small talk' turned into a wonderful, supportive friendship fueled by camping trips, similar family values and dynamics, an understanding of sport-addicted husbands (and a mutual love for gin & red wine). 

With Kelly's commerce degree, social media background, and LOVE for the Ocean (beaching, swimming and sea-miles keep her fit) coupled with Lauren's hands-on, practical eco-knowledge and outdoorsy lifestyle (Comrades medalist, Dusi finisher and avid mountain biker), watch out for this formidable duo.

More than that though, their combined passion for being kinder to our Earth sparked a practical, innovative one-stop solution for like minded followers...

These bokkies can't wait to help endless humans begin their beautiful eco-journey into saving our planet.