Meet The Boks

Kelly Kidgell:
Mom of 3 little boys, and wife to a crazy ultra runner (we're talking circa 200km of training per week), you may find her rocking in a corner humming Kumbaya.
She grew up in Hillcrest, KZN in a nature-loving, sporty household with her parents and sister.  
Kelly has written a book, dabbled in public speaking, founded a Facebook group which has nearly 130k members, and has her own charity supporting disabled children in the Ntshongweni township.
Mostly though, her time is spent doing school runs, watching her athletic children on the sports field/at swimming training, feeding them their necessary 13456 calories each a day, dodging balls and daydreaming about pyjama pants. 
She has been involved in various charity drives, and was a proud ambassador for the Under An African Sky calendar campaign for CROW to help save our wildlife. 
'Sometimes, when I think saving the planet is too big a task, I merely need to look at my boys and I'm reminded why and for whom us adults should be making these earthly changes.
My youngest son inspires me daily. He has a massive eco-heart for such a little guy: My car is constantly filled with rubbish that he picks up wherever we may be, and he's not afraid to tell anyone who will listen how bad plastic is.
I think there's a huge misconception that all this 'save the planet' stuff is for hippies and less mainstream grown ups. The dire situation we face is very real and all us 'normal' folk need to be hopping on board to make a difference. This doesn't mean you'll all of a sudden be reusing toilet paper or knitting your own sanitary wear. No, it's about small changes for a sustainable lifestyle. 
With her BComm and (pre-baby) listed company corporate experience, Kells is our marketing/social media and 'businessy' bokkie.
She's learnt so much from Lauren about 'Being Eco', and can't wait to convince more people on the interwebs to convert to a more sustainable lifestyle.
Lauren Clark grew up in a small town, in a home always lovingly stocked with homemade rusks, jam and cookies. A garden filled with fruit trees... peaches, plums, figs, apricots... Her Mom knitted (and still does) jerseys for her and her 3 siblings, and taught Lauren to sew when she was in Primary School.
Family holidays were spent caravaning and exploring our beautiful country. Many of these traditions continue in Lauren’s home In Assagay today. Her and her husband waste no time in planning their next camping trip, and their children, aged 8 and 10, have already experienced the heat of a summer in Kruger, and the sub-zero temps of winter camping in the Kgalagadi. Boy do they appreciate a cup of tea and a homemade rusk on those mornings!
Lauren inherited the industrious family genes, and spends a lot of time “making and baking”. There are many times when said husband has questioned whether it would be easier to just buy some curtains/rusks/granadillas (which she is forced to share with the resident Durban Vervet Monkeys). But where’s the fun in that?? Thankfully, her husband has a shared interest in reducing waste in their home, and is open to all Lauren throws at him.
Lauren enjoyed a 10 year career as a Junior Primary teacher, but left teaching for a work-from-home option, after her son was born. Together with her mother-in-law, they supply around 35 local schools with beautiful homework and pencil bags. Just the two of them and their sewing machines! Yes, you Durbanites will know these well...
Lauren is genuinely passionate about living simply and sustainably, is raising her children (and gently reminding those around her) to be mindful of the impact their actions have on the Earth.
This ecoBok will be spreading awareness of all things eco, sharing practical tips learnt on her own eco-journey, looking out for eco must-haves and.... Sewing!
*Shout out to the BokHusbands: The accountant and the designer, for helping us within their fields of expertise. (And for always keeping our glasses 'half' full)*