The Rookie Box: Bamboo
The Rookie Box: Bamboo

The Rookie Box: Bamboo

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You've heard people talking... Things like 'steel straws' and 'foodwraps'. 

You know plastic is bad and you try to recycle.

You would like to do more, but you aren't quite  sure where to start..?? 

Well hello there ecoBok, let us show you our ways. 

We were once you, so trust us when we say we've done the research and know which items are essential for our beginner Eco Squad.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Reusable bamboo coffee cup with it's own drip-proof bag (made with love by our Lauren)  
  • 1 x Silver stainless steel straw
  • 1 x Straw cleaner 
  • 100% cotton Shweshwe bag to carry your straws and cleaner
  • 2 x Fresh produce bags (colourful)
  • 2 x Beeswax-infused food wraps
  • 1 x Cotton tote bag
  • A 100g luxury bar of locally crafted Artisan soap 
  • 1 x Growing Paper seeded bookmark 

Remember to click on 'Our Eco Products' to add anything you may feel suites your personal needs. (Eg: a straw for each family member or another food wrap etc)

💚💗Congrats on taking the first step to saving our planet. We heart you 💗💚