Time for tea

Time for tea...
As a family of tea lovers, we have a continual row of teabags drying in the sun outside our kitchen.      
💚 Once dried, we put some in a jar of paraffin and use them as firelighters.
💚The rest get sprinkled into the garden beds, compost bin or wormery.
It's worth remembering that even the smallest items, like a tea bag, have a collective impact on the environment.
🌍When food waste gets buried under a mountain of garbage at the landfill site, it decomposes without oxygen. This anaerobic decomposition produces methane, a greenhouse gas.
🌍The oxygen in a composting system allows for  aerobic decomposition and does not produce methane.
💚Taking care of the Earth, one teabag at a time.


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  • I recently heard that the ‘bag’ containing the tea has plastic in it – have you heard this, is it true and do you know of any brands that don’t include plastic? (I would hate to have to give up my favourite life-saving cuppa!


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