H20: Friend or Foe?

All this rain today has got me thinking about water... Bottled water!
It's truly a wasteful luxury. We need to break the habits which we have formed as a result of convenience. Consider the carbon footprint left in the production, transportation and recycling (of those that actually make it to a recycling station! ) of millions of plastic bottles. And then there's the deeply concerning fact that most of these bottles end up in our landfills or oceans. There are estimates of up to 450 years for these bottles to degrade.
Make a change (if you haven't already). Stainless steel, glass, even a reusable plastic sports bottle - most homes have accumulated a few of these over time.
But please make a conscious decision to stop buying bottled water.
We take our water bottles with us wherever we go. My kids had fun personalizing them with funky but enlightening stickers. They really are true little Ecoboks ambassadors 😊.
Mmm.... Think I feel a little promo coming on.
If you need to make the change, watch this space for a Steely surprise.

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