Gifts... The Green Way.

As we reach Mid-October,  the Christmas decorations appear in the shops, the kids start writing their wishlists and we know the end of year is near. That means it's time to shop!
For those with children, it's gifts to thank all those special people for the impact they've made in our little ones' lives this year: School teachers, ballet teachers, karate instructors, tutors, au-pairs. The list is endless. 
For others, it's secret santa  gifts at bookclub/office parties/end of year bash with mates. 
And then there are those busy brainstorming corporate gifts for their hundreds of clients. 
As my 10 year old son would say,
"Here comes the lecture." 
I'm determined to cut down on the waste created at this time of year.  So... 
*Is the secret santa gift swop totally necessary?  Hash this out with your friends and colleagues. You may find you're not the only one who feels this is a waste. 
* Keep it simple and waste-free. I like to bake, so a batch of rusks  packed into repurposed glass jars, decorated with a pretty scrap of ribbon or fabric does perfectly. 
*Consider a green, eco-friendly gift. Reusable coffee cups or straws are my go-to gift. They are also proving to make excellent corporate gifts. 
*Get creative and ditch all the wrapping paper and sticky tape which often go to landfill (I put sticky tape into my EcoBrick) . Wrap in newspaper with festive fabric trimmings or give a reusable paper giftbag. Or make one of our Ecoboks Cotton Totes part of the gift, and wrap in that.
*And for the over-achievers, try your hand at Furoshiki, the Japanese art of fabric gift wrapping. Google it, it's beautiful! I'll be trying this out before silly season is in full swing. 
The bokkies at Ecoboks are doing a little brainstorming ourselves, and will be putting together some cool Earth and wallet friendly gift promos for year end. 

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