Fashion Sense.

I get so much satisfaction out of seeing my baby boks embrace the many ways in which I try to keep our lifestyle sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The day I arrived home with the wetsuit being worn in this picture, was a dream come true for them! Their own wetsuit, and it only cost R100 at our local SPCA shop! They were blown away.

Clothes are often discarded before they've reached their "expiry date". Perhaps we are tired of them,  regret the choice we made, or may have changed shape (for better or worse 😜).  No matter what the reason, these clothes should never be sent to landfill.

By donating your old clothes to a charity like Hospice or the SPCA,  you are not only supporting these organisations , but are also making a new wardrobe affordable to others.  So many hidden treasures are found on the rails of these shops, at amazing prices! 

Chic Mamas Do Care, is an organization that hosts fashion exchanges, in support of Early Childhood Development in rural areas. One of my favourite shopping days!! Check out their dates to see when the next exchange might be happening near you.

The textile and fashion industry is very harsh on our environment.  Clothing  production uses an enormous amount of water and chemicals, it encroaches on the habitat of many animals and is a major source of pollution.

So the next time you need a wardrobe change, shop 2nd hand.                                                 

💚Keep your money within your local community and out of the pockets of the commercial giants.                                         

💚Support a good cause.                               

💚Save and protect our natural resources. 

👌 Look awesome in your new jeans/skirt/hat/... Wetsuit! 


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