Dishwashing Naturally πŸ’š

So this is how I tackle dishes...
I love Nu-Eco, as it's made of natural ingredients and is against animal testing. I bought the small bottle to try, and now that I'm convinced, I take the 5litre bottle to be refilled at Nu-Eco at the Mushroom Farm on Kassier Road.
I'm done with the synthetic sponge pot scourers which go straight to landfill(and really don't last all that long). If you have old ones lying around, put them in the bottom of your pot plants for better drainage.
My alternatives...
*The loofah from Dischem does the job. I cut mine in half, so it's eco and pocket friendly.
*Jute is a natural fiber, so the crocheted jute scrubbie is compostable. I've had 2 months of use out of this one already. BTW... Just R20 will get you one of these on our website πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
*The piece of old orange sack works wonders for scrubbing pots! I also use a skewer and push it into my skinny glass bottles for a good scrub.

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