Cutting down on kitchen waste.

My take on Kitchen Waste... 

Reducing household waste can be a daunting process . For me, my kitchen is the biggest generator of waste, and requires a lot of effort in order to keep it in check. So now that my weekly garbage is down to a quarter of what it was, I feel like the effort is paying off.
Here are a few ways I've cut down our kitchen waste:

💚Buying unpackaged fruit and veg has eliminated a massive amount of packaging waste.
💚 With zero waste stores like Good Source on my doorstep, I have more unpackaged options available than ever before.
💚Buying in bulk means less packaging too.
💚Fruit and veg scraps are taken care of by our 3 guinea pigs, the wormery and the compost heap.
💚Stale bread gets blitzed into breadcrumbs, which I freeze and use to add some yummy crunch to oven baked meals.
💚Bread and butter pudding is also a regular alternative.
💚I try to only cook what will get eaten, and make sure left overs are eaten the next day, not put in the bin.
💚That leaves me with a minimal amount of food waste which I don't compost. This gets frozen and only put out on garbage day. The kitchen bin is no longer smelly!
About that bin...
💚A bit of newspaper lining in the bin works like a charm and cuts out plastic bin liners.

Then it's onto recycling.

♻️My bins are clearly labelled so that everyone in the household does their bit.
♻️The Upcyclers are doing amazing work in the Upper Highway area of Durban. I use their service for my recycling.
♻️What can't be recycled, goes into our EcoBrick.
This is a time consuming business, but a necessary one, while I find more ways to cut down on non-recyclable plastic and foil packaging (stop eating so much chocolate🤔?) I'm constantly looking for waste free alternatives, and every bit helps.

When I see the piles of refuse bags lined up on our local verges once a week, I look at our Iittle bundle of refuse and feel proud of the effort our household is making. An equally big motivation for me, is knowing that my children will carry these sustainable practices into their own homes one day.

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