Chemistry Matters

There are times when we are forced to accept plastic packaging... We can't win them all.
Don't just rip open and throw away! I carefully remove the sticky label (pop that in your EcoBrick, as it's non-recyclable) and reuse these pharmacy packets for all sorts around the house. It's one of the few plastic packets in my kitchen these days.
I especially like the paper bags for times when I have food items to give away to someone needy. The guys begging out on the street are not going to recycle plastic, so I prefer to give them the paper bag.
While I'm on about pharmacies, consider the packaging waste from tablet blister packs and foil lined medicine sachets. All of these are better off stuffed into your EcoBrick, than sent to landfill.
See for info on how to do this.
It's time to change the way we think and be more conscious of the impact our actions have on the Earth.

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