Bathroom Basics

My bathroom has evolved, and I love the simplicity these items have brought into my life. 


My bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner are all unpackaged and full of natural goodness. They're made locally by two lovely ladies, so there's no carbon footprint left through mass production. 


The bamboo toothbrush is as good as any, and the wooden handle will be composted when it's worn out. It comes in a cardboard box too, so no plastic packaging. 


I buy castile soap in bulk, and make my own handwash in reusable glass pump bottles.


The loofah is great for exfoliating and for scrubbing my kids' feet after a hard day's play. When it's done, into the compost and back to nature it goes. 


My husband and and I are both so happy with our safety razors. The stainless steel blades replace the highly over-priced, over-packaged  disposable razor blades in a plastic cartridge.  Built to last a lifetime, this is my forever razor. It's a beautiful step back in time, to the days of simple, plastic-free living. 

And we use shaving soap!  Our household is done with cans of Shaving foam.



I've recently started experimenting with DIY recipes. It's so satisfying to use my body butter, knowing exactly what's in it. And I made it! 


There are so many plusses here. 

Minimal packaging and plastic, natural ingredients,  reusable containers, minimal carbon footprint. 

And lastly, the result is an uncluttered bathroom. 



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